Flower Growers Use Magnetic Water to Improve Yield

Flower Growers and Plant Nursery owners try to gain as much advantage as they can to improve yield, reduce disease and wastage and supply healthy looking produce. When Ben Wild, owner of edible flower business, Wild Greens Farm in Yorkshire, England, installed his first Plantsurge magnetic water system in 2019 he was astonished to find out his violas and pansies flowered almost a week earlier than those given tap water. These results were subsequently validated when magnetic water was proved to increase viola flowers by 400 % percent in independent plant trials results published in 2020.


SME businesses like Wild Greens Farm need to irrigate over 25,000 plants daily depending on the season, so when Ecocamel designed Magclear XL, the agricultural industry’s first commercial magnetic water softener system, it gave growers like Ben Wild the potential he needed to irrigate his crops fast and effectively whilst preventing hard water from damaging his pumping equipment

and affecting production. Magclear XL uses four powerful neodymium magnets in a rust proof casing that requires no power, is maintenance free and easy to install. This device can be adjusted to fit water pipes from 20 mm to 50 mm which makes it very adaptable and suitable for every type of agribusiness grower.