From its origins as a one-product company to the innovative multi brand business it is today, Ecocamel has always put its people first. The company operates with a small dynamic group of whole-hearted multiskilled people who love to figure out how best to design, innovate and manufacture products then get these to market through direct sales and wholesale efforts. The team care about the environment, love innovation, and give best service possible to customers.

Founding members

The team at Ecocamel has built success from innovating technology to enhance everyday products; the patented multiple venturi technology as well as riffling, two clever designs that saves water and increases shower flow velocity, innovations which have helped to create Ecocamel as a market leader in aerated showerheads. Today the potential new star of the product range is Plantsurge, award winning garden watering device, made from marine sourced recycled plastic, designed to produce magnetic water that helps plants grow healthier and greener and gives flowers bigger blooms.

Andrea Rajculova

Andrea is the office manager who runs accounts & logistics while caring for her young family.

Zaneta Kolacz

Zaneta runs fulfilment operations, gets the orders out on time, is a keen traveller and dog lover.

Susan Hussein

Susan is the customer care supremo, enthusiastic & professional, she looks after the call centre

Guy Cinnamon

Guy is a founding member, product innovator and mad keen gardener.

Ofir Neuman

Ofir is chief of operations, the marketing guru, martial arts supremo & no slouch saxophonist.

James McDonald

James is the head of communications, PR and media, expert nutritionist & environment campaigner.