Why Is Plantsurge such an effective garden water softener?
Plantsurge uses magnets instead of chemicals (resins and sodium) to stop limescale, the magnetic fields on flowing hard water alter the structure of the mineral salts preventing them from sticking to pipes and becoming hard scale. It does not remove the beneficial minerals and nutrients or change the pH of the water.

What size of hose pipe will a regular Plantsurge fit?
It will fit UK sized garden hose pipes from 12.5 mm to 20 mm. It will fit on the USA 5/8th inch household garden hose, and it will fit the ¾”-inch garden hose. Don’t worry if the two halves do not fit perfectly together, the magnetic force is strong enough to treat the flowing water.
What happens if the regular Plantsurge is loose on the hose pipe or mains pipe?
we have include 4 Philips type screws inside the packaging that fits into the pre moulded holes, all you do is to use these to secure the product.
What can I do if my hose pipe is just too big to fit the regular Plantsurge?
You can buy the Plantsurge XL, this adjustable unit fit pipes from 20 mm all the way to 50 mm or 0.6 inches to 2 inches diameter.
Can I fit Plantsurge to the rainwater butt / water container?
Yes you can fit Plantsurge to a rainwater butt if it has a flow spout that you can clip the device to. You can also clip Plantsurge to the spout of a watering can.

Do I need a minimum flow rate to treat the water?
No there is no minimum flow rate, but we believe that the slower the flow rate the more efficient the magnetic effect on the water. However, the four powerful magnets are designed to treat the water with a fast flow pressure coming from domestic water mains.

Is Plantsurge easy to fit?
Yes it will take you less than 10 seconds to fit, you simply separate the two parts of the device, fit one part underneath the pipe and place the other part on top making sure that the pipe is positioned in between both parts. The magnetics are strong and will hold the device in place.

How long will the water stay magnetised in a water can or water container.?
Usually two to three days at most.
How safe is the magnetic fields coming from Plantsurge?
Plantsurge is safe to use. However, we advise that you do not rub or place your credit cards against any magnets of any sort as they may deactivate them. We also advise that anyone wearing a pacemaker to avoid placing magnets near the heart.
Do I need to buy batteries or use electric power to charge up Plantsurge.
No, Plantsurge requires no power, the magnets last a lifetime and never need charging. Plantsurge requires no maintenance and no servicing. You can clip it to your pipe and forget it.

Can I leave Plantsurge outside all year round?
Yes Plantsurge is fully weatherproof and rustproof and can be left outside 365 days of the year.

Is there a money back guarantee or a damage replacement guarantee with Plantsurge?

We offer you a no quibble 365-day full money back guarantee if you are not satisfied in any way with your purchase. Simply return the product to us with your name and address. We also offer you a free product replacement if the product is damaged after your purchase or during use.

How much ocean recycled plastic is in the Plantsurge device?
Plantsurge is made with a minimum of 34 % ocean plastic.

Will it be possible to make Plantsurge from 100% ocean plastic?
Yes, we can make Plantsurge with 100% ocean plastic, but the current mould for Plantsurge is designed for the product to have elastomer (flexy) characteristics, making it fit pipes easy and giving the product a softer aesthetic. We intend to make the next generation Plantsurge with 100% ocean plastic, but to enable us to do this we will need to design a new mould.


Do I put the red end down or up when I clamp the Plantsurge on the garden hose?

The most effective alignment of the Plantsurge is to have all four red squares showing together when you clip it to your hose pipe or water pipe. It doesn't matter which end you place the red squares.


How far can the water travel once it passes through the magnet?
Once your water has been magnetically treated by Plantsurge , it will stay magnetised for up to 100 hours.
and the water will travel any distance staying magnetically charged all the time.
Will it still work?
As long as you keep the Plantsurge connected to your pipe it will work really effectively to magnetise all your water
across the full 75 ft of piping, or any other distance. It will work effectively 24 hours a day.