Revealing the mystique of magnetic water

Magnetised Water Technology grows Healthier Plants


As gardeners, I’m sure you’ve tried many formulas and tonics throughout the years, with the aim of giving your plants a boost in size and flower production. However, what if the only thing you needed to give your plants extra stimulation was water? We all know that water is the secret to life on Earth – without it, we wouldn’t exist, and neither would our beautiful plants. But our water varies from area to area; some regions have hard or soft tap water, some have acidic or alkaline, or even tap water that contains chlorine and/or fluoride. Whilst we’ve been using our tap water for many years to keep our plants hydrated, what if we took away some of these elements and ‘purified’ our water? This is where water magnetising comes in.

Magnetic water treatment uses magnetic fields to improve the physical, chemical, and bacteriological quality of water in a variety of different applications, including gardening. Some studies show that magnetically treated water reduces the amount of limescale in water pipes and enhances crop yields with reduced water usage. This type of treatment is inexpensive and environmentally friendly, with small installation fees and no energy requirements. What’s not to love? Wondering how you can harness this technology for your own plants? The availability of water magnetising devices for the gardening public has been non-existent, but the recently released Plantsurge is about to change this for everyone. With a simple device that clips onto your hosepipe, you can grow stronger plants with abundant flowers, and even enjoy healthier fruits and vegetables. It’s an eco-friendly way of improving the way your garden looks and performs, and it lasts a lifetime, with no tools needed for installation.